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毋忘六四 You can't erase history

To all the students and workers died dreaming of freedom and democracy in China.

1989 June 4th, massacre at Beijing Tiananmen Square.

Never forget.

毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary 毋忘六四 1989 June 4th - 25th anniversary



Same-sex Marriage photo Patrick-Laing_zps6e296083.jpg


On the day that Britain has her first same-sex marriage, I'll be returning a ring...


I'm gonna to make a change


I've worked hard all my life.

But why is it so difficult to get what I want?

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No Rainbow Flag? No Problem!

我不是來觀光的 Russians are not allowed to protest or wave the rainbow flag. So I wore all my colors on my sleeves, to show the Kremlins some LOVE!

 photo IMG_3160_zpsb0e10f50.jpg

Vladimir Putin is trying to outlaw equal rights "propaganda", threatening citizens with fines and imprisonment. Growing up without any positive gay role models, I'd hate to see another generation suffering in silence. Solidarity with the Russians!


Does this mean I won't have to peel another egg? Ever?

I've decided that I won't feel stupid, if this actually works!


North Korea - see the world with my own eyes

Don't just assume the existence of boundaries. You'll be surprised.

 To see the world with my own eyes

To see the world with my own eyes

To see the world with my own eyes

Pyongyang train station


Gubeikou village

Gubeikou photo IMG_1502_zpsb8e8a103.jpg

"Where you from?" - Hong Kong

"Tourist?" - Yeah I came to see the Great Wall

"Don't you have one too?" - Nope we don't :)

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Gubeikou Great Wall- 血染的風采

Gubeikou Great Wall photo R1-02655-0000S_zps7d626edf.jpg

[ 古北口長城 ]

[ Kodak EIR Infrared ]

I always thought the Great Wall should be photographed in red. Blood red. For all the souls lost building it, defending it and fighting it.

"起來, 不願做奴隸的人們
把我們的血肉, 築成我們新的長城"

In the Spring of 1933, the Japanese Imperial Army invaded China and carried out massive air-raids over the Gubeikou Great Wall, a gateway into Beijing. The bloodshed here inspired the chilling 《義勇軍進行曲》(March of the Volunteers) that later became the PRC national anthem.



I'm trying

lomochrome purple photo 26280016_zpsb4f8fe71.jpg

Gosh. The gay guys in Hong Kong are so lame... Even their boat parties are lame. Give them a ball, and they won't know what to do with it. As if everyone's missing that "how to have fun" class at school. Do I really have to live here???


The Bitches are Dead!

Yay!!! DOMA is dead!

 photo 2013-6-26_zpsec41b05e.jpg

Yay!!! Prop 8 is dead!  photo DSC02600deseased_zps551e783d.jpg


The Cost of a Photo

Film: $8

Processing: $10

Surprising even yourself : Priceless

turkish bath invasion photo R1-07053-0021s_zpsd2356513.jpg

Multiple exposure, overlaying the domes of a Cypriot church with the ceiling of a Turkish bath.

Lomo LC-A+ camera loaded with a 35mm Kodak Elitechrome EB-2

What the Limassol church actually looks like:-

 photo IMG_8883_zpsf79f8edc.jpg

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Castles in the sky

 photo 000077880027Ks_zps44044141.jpg


 photo 000077880036Ks_zps3d9fa839.jpg


I love making these twins doubles. They make me more aware of ordinary lines and silhouettes around us. 

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 photo IMG_6863_zpsa99cc561.jpg


Used to be something I only hear about in the news, until today.

Exactly how one survives a genocide?

How to un-see and un-hear all the human atrocities?

In experimental science, we talked about memories being labile every time they are retrieved.

But what if the events are so horrific that a mere recall is itself another torture?

He lost his faith in humanity.

Love has no meaning.

He had everything taken away from him in the most brutal way possible.

In this context, his HIV diagnosis was the least of our concerns. 

He has nobody to talk to.

How can one form relationships when it's difficult to even interact with others?

Meditation has helped. But every time he succeeded in conjuring a small fragment of peace, that evil world from his past came crashing in, destroying the precious little seed that he has.

Can he ever learn to trust again?

How many more times will he lock himself up, shutting down the world?

How many more times will he clutched his fist and cracked his knuckles?

Will that look of despair and terror ever extinguish?

This man deserves a second chance. 

So I risked breaching the code of conduct and broke my silence.

"How about non-human contact?"

Finally, the idea of a pet, a prospect of unconditional love, brought a smile to his face.

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 photo 16570006s_zps005df034.jpg

Seen something new today:

1) a murderer

2) a sex offender 

3) an armed robber 

I don't know how I'd feel about meeting and treating these categories of psychiatry patients everyday. 

But as a one-off shadowing experience, it was fascinating! 

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 photo Sergei-Polunin_zpsf3e597e1.jpg

The youngest Royal Ballet principal on his quitting:

"In a way I did feel that the artist in me was dying a little bit..."

"I do not want to sit and make a nest and be comfortable..."

"I don't want to have comfort, I don't want to have a family, I don't want to have a flat - so I destroyed in a way everything I had in order to be able to build."

"It is almost like a delete button and you just want to start fresh."

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